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Complainant Guide for a Complaint Against a Student

Cornell University will not tolerate gender-based harassment, sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic and dating violence, stalking, sexual exploitation, or other forms of prohibited student conduct as defined by Policy 6.4, by or against students, staff, or faculty (collectively referred to as “prohibited conduct”).  In addition to seeking care and support, you may be wondering whether you should report the incident to authorities.

You have the right to make a report to university police, local law enforcement, and/or state police or choose not to report; to report the incident to Cornell; to be protected by Cornell from retaliation for reporting an incident; and to receive assistance and resources from Cornell.  You have the option to file a formal complaint against a student through the Title IX Coordinator pursuant to Policy 6.4 or with campus law enforcement.

This guide, briefly outlining some of the things you should know about filing a complaint against a student under the Procedures for Resolution of Reports Against Students Under Policy 6.4, can be downloaded by clicking this link or the link below.


Complainant Guide

PDF Complainant Guide

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