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Interim Measures

Cornell offers a range of resources, support services, and measures to protect the safety and well-being of the complainant, the respondent, and the community and to promote an accessible educational environment.  Some such measures are Interim Measures put in place by the Title IX Coordinator and designed to accomplish a number of goals:

  1. to support and protect the safety of the complainant, the respondent, the University’s educational environment, and the University community;
  2. to deter retaliation; and
  3. to preserve the integrity of the investigation and resolution process pursuant to these procedures.

Interim Measures may be issued based upon a party’s request or at the University’s own initiative. In all instances, the University will, at its discretion, determine whether any given Interim Measure is reasonable and appropriate.

Potential Interim Measures include but are not limited to:

  • assistance obtaining access to counseling, advocacy, or medical services;
  • assistance obtaining access to academic support and requesting academic accommodations;
  • changes in class schedules;
  • assistance requesting changes in work schedules, job assignments, or other work accommodations;
  • changes in campus housing;
  • safety escorts;
  • “No-contact” orders (curtailing or prohibiting contact or communications between or among individuals); and
  • Temporary Suspensions.

Interim Measures are available regardless of whether a Formal Complaint has been filed under these procedures, with the exception of a Temporary Suspension, which may be imposed only if a Formal Complaint has been filed.

Interim Measures are available regardless of whether the complainant chooses to report the prohibited conduct to law enforcement.

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