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Cornell University Title IX

Promoting Gender Equity at Cornell

Emergency Medical Assistance

An individual who experiences sexual assault, domestic and dating violence, stalking, sexual exploitation, or other forms of sexual misconduct is strongly encouraged to see immediate medical assistance.

Students are not required to report an incident to law enforcement or Cornell in order to receive medical attention or a forensic exam.

Regardless of whether a forensic exam is obtained after a sexual assault, individuals are encouraged to seek follow-up care to address any ongoing medical concerns, including those related to sexually-transmitted infections and pregnancy.  Students may access care at Cornell Health, or through any appropriate health care provider outside of Cornell.

Cornell Health

A Cornell Health health care provider or counselor is available 24/7 at (607) 255-5155 to answer questions and provide medical and emotional support.  Call Cornell Health, and a healthcare provider will offer information about your options for care.

Cayuga Medical Center at Ithaca

The Cayuga Medical Center is the nearest hospital to the Ithaca Campus where an individual can receive a forensic sexual assault examination by a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (also known as a “SANE Nurse”).  SANE Nurses can assess injuries related to physical trauma; evaluate for sexually-transmitted infections and possible pregnancy; provide medical care (including medications to prevent infections and pregnancy); and can, within the first 96 hours after a sexual assault, administer a “forensic exam.”

During the forensic exam, the SANE Nurse documents and collects evidence of sexual contact and/or physical trauma (including injuries to the body and genitals), trace evidence, biological fluids, and identifiable DNA.  When there is reason to believe that an assault may have been facilitated by the use of drugs or alcohol, the forensic exam may also include the collection of urine and blood samples for toxicology testing.  For more information, see State of New York Protocol for the Acute Care of the Adult Patient Reporting Sexual Assault (

New York City Resources

For students at Weill Cornell Medical School and Cornell Tech, please click here for New York City resources.

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