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Definition of Student

The term student will be interpreted to mean any person, whether or not incidentally on the University payroll, who is currently registered with the University as a degree or non-degree-seeking candidate in any of Cornell University’s undergraduate or graduate divisions.

The term student will be interpreted also to mean persons not officially registered, and not faculty members or other University employees, if they are:

  • currently enrolled in or taking classes at the University;
  • currently using University facilities or property, or the property of a University-related residential organization, in connection with academic activities; or
  • currently on leave of absence or under suspension from being a student of the University.

For complaints against graduate or undergraduate teaching or research assistants arising out of performance of academic assignments, Policy 6.4 procedures governing faculty apply.

Designation as Complainant and Respondent

A person who is the subject of a report or initiates a Formal Complaint of prohibited conduct under these procedures will be designated as the “complainant.” A student against whom such a report or Formal Complaint has been made will be designated the “respondent.” Both the complainant and respondent are referred to as “party” or “parties” throughout these procedures.

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